Faceit: PUBG Daily Cup Europe

Faceit: PUBG Daily Cup Europe

Monday 30.3.2020 was a day when Established participated for the first time on Faceit’s PUBG Daily Cup.

PUBG Daily Cup Europe is a daily serie of tournaments which includes tournaments for Solo, Duo and Squad.

Established’s first tournament was Miramar Duo Drop, which included two games, semifinal and final. 64 duo’s were splitted to two 32 duos lobbys, and 16 teams from both 32 duos lobbys advanced to final.

We were pretty passive on the semifinals but managed to make it to the final. We changed our tactics on final and that leaded to good results, as we placed fourth with 5 kills. Placement points and kill points compined, that placed us third on the finals.

Although it was a small daily tournament, that was Established’s first podium place after eight years break from competitive gaming. Not bad!

Lineup was Leca & PerttiPerse.


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