Rainmaker Open CS:GO Qualifiers: We are back!

Rainmaker Open CS:GO Qualifiers: We are back!

After very looooooooong break from competitive gaming (about 8 years break) Established has decided to take part on the Rainmaker Open CS:GO 5on5 Qualifiers.

Rainmaker Open Qualifier #3 was hold on 28.3-29.3.2020. Our first match was against Panda’s in Boxers, or supposed to be. Panda’s never showed up, so Established advanced to round 2 by forfeit win. First competitive victory since 2012! Well, it sure wasn’t a reason to celebrate and we decided to focus on to the next match.

Next match was against Birkka Gaming. BO1, De_inferno. Back in the days, Inferno was our homemap. We used to be very confident with it, but in the CS:GO a lot of things has changed. We were pretty confident with our defaults, but of course realized the fact, that we haven’t been practising, or competing for a long time. We started as CT and after few rounds we noticed, that opponent is dominating us in every level. We made few changes and tried to adjust, but maybe a little too late, or simply the opponent was just better. Match ended 4-16 and we were out from the qualifiers.

It sure was a great reminder, that our prime is in the past. But hey, it can also be a great motivator, there’s still few qualifiers left, next one on this weekend and the small spark of competitive gaming has already catched a fire.

It’s safe to say that we are back on competitive gaming, but for how long? That remains to be seen. You may want to follow our social media and Twitch while the flame is still hot.

Tournament: Rainmaker Open Qualifier #3 28.3-29.3.2020
Standings: Top 32 out of 64
Established VS Panda’s in boxers: 160 (forfeit)
Established VS Birkka Gaming: 416

Next tournament:

Rainmaker Open Qualifier #5 4.4.2020
More info: https://rushmode.gg/tournaments/3335704197849137152
Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/lecharocc

What is Rainmaker? More info in finnish: https://rushmode.gg/rainmakeropen


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